Sunday, July 31, 2011

Missed it by that much

Turns out I can not knit a pair of socks in four days. Alright who called the knitting police? You can't have my needles, Coppers! I'm going to finish these socks, I tells you! (My pathetic attempt at 30s gangster talk.)

I did get much farther than I thought I would. I have a finished sock and another sock with the gusset decreases done. It just needs the foot finished and a toe. Not bad when you consider that I went on a picnic, worked, did laundry, changed the bedding, had a non-knitting evening out with friends and managed to provide a few meals in that time too.

I finished the first one on Saturday and was thrilled to post a picture on Ravelry. I thought a day and a half is not enough to knit a sock. Well I could have been wrong so I kept on knitting. 

I would have thought about knitting on our evening out Saturday night but it turns out you need your hands to do sign language and play Uno, so I sacrificed a bit of time to simply having fun. 

Did you know that laundry is a great way to take knitting breaks? I set the buzzer on the drier to go off and trotted downstairs every time it went off. The buzzer on my washer is way too annoying to be turned on. The first time I set it I thought I was under attack when it went off for 2-3 minutes, just a very loud sustained buzzer. Then I had to coax the cats out from under the beds. No one likes that buzzer. Usually I am a bit more lack about swapping laundry in the machines, but this time I needed a schedule to keep me up and moving at regular intervals.

I'll proudly show off my new socks when they're finished. It was a fun challenge and I wish I could have made it. But I am so happy to have tried. I may just need to join a knit along on Ravelry sometime in the future. It was nice to see people connecting.

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  1. I'd say that was a valiant attempt. I think the only thing I could finish in four days is a washcloth!