Monday, August 8, 2011

Hubby Love

D was away for work and I am not the only one that missed him. Since I was the one that took him to the airport Gus decided to punish me by ignoring me. He skulked under the office chair most of the time Daddy was gone. He did come out for tuna at night, well he was punishing me not himself. He make allowances for his own needs but definitely not for my comfort. He would hop up on the bed but ten minutes later be gone. Once I even thought I heard an evil laugh followed by "That should teach her!"

And for my suffering D thought I deserved yarn. Well, he told the sales lady that I would not let him back in the house without yarn. (Not true but I don't want to nitpick him.)

What does any woman need? Red Wine and Dark Chocolate from The Sassy Sheep. Socky Sheep is 80% superwash Merino and 20% Nylon. It weighs in at 4 ounces and has 420 yards of wooly goodness to play with.

You know how somedays the colors are just not quite right? This is one of them. It photographs a bit on the hot pink end when in real life it is just under brick red, and the purple is more brown and deep. It is really quite lovely and something I would have picked out myself.

He found it at a farmer's market in Idaho Falls. Which is lucky because the yarn store he went to was by appointment only on the day he was there. He thought about calling the number but decided it would not really have been worth their time. He was not there to get a sweater's worth of yarn. He did say it was a nice shop from the outside, with a nice window display.

He explained to the lady at the farmer's market that his wife is a knitter and showed his socks that I had knit. (Another reason he gets more socks.) He knew she was a knitter when she pulled out a skein and offered it to him, saying "feel this." He was even smart enough to ask if the skein was enough for a pair of socks. (The wool fumes must not affect him like me. I can only think of things like Oooo and pretty when I am around yarn.)

I had forgotten that he does not know how much yarn is needed to make a pair of socks. When did this become basic knowledge to me? If I can look at a skein of yarn and know if I need one or two to make a pair, does that officially make me a sock knitter? Is that when they hand out the knitting badges? 

He even gave me his little notebook from the conference too. Because he knows I love notebooks almost as much as him and yarn. It has a loop for a pen, awww, such a cute little notebook.

It is nice to be loved...even if the cat does not.


  1. Aw, lucky you! I have not trained my hubby to retrieve yarn for me, but he doesn't travel much without me, so I guess he wouldn't know. My camera has a hard time taking reds as well. I usually have to tweak the photo to try to get it as close as possible.

    I can't wait to see what you make from it!

  2. I was really impressed with his pick. He keeps telling me that the lady helped him, but I think asking for help is an important skill to have and use.
    I will most likely make socks but you never know I may get a wild idea and make a shawl or cowl.