Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wooly and whimsical

You know how I love to wrap things in wool around here. Sometime about a year or so ago I stumbled across a pattern on Knitty for a tea cozy. This one. I thought it would be a great use for some yarn left over from a few other projects. I started it and got the wild idea that since it was felted it would be a great way to work on my colorwork knitting, and I found a cute  kitty face pattern I had long admired on a sweater in Interweave Knits magazine. Now I know this was quite a while ago because I had not even knit my Norwegian mittens yet. I knit on it till I got to the decrease section and put it away for some reason. It sat in a bag for months.

As I was looking back at my knitting and blogging I realized I never finished it so I pulled it out. Yep you guessed it I had finished it later that weekend. It was not even hard, I just don't know why I put it down.

As with many things that are felted it started out huge and floppy.

I sent it through the washer in a pillow case and it went down in size a tad. Enough that it could stand on its own but not enough for me. See how you can still see the vertical lines of the stitches?

Because I was still learning to do colorwork, my stitches pulled in on the fabric. I went in and cut some threads to give it some room to loosen up before the second dunking. I figured it had felted enough that no holes would form and if they did I would have make one of them handle sized and let it hang out.

See how we lost the stitch definition and now it is fuzzy and blurry? That is what I was going for. Now I have a backup teapot cozy that is wooly and whimsical. 

Wooly and whimsical that describes me and my cozy now too. It seems to be keeping the tea hot. I've not had a complaint yet. Then again who would complain when they have tea and scones in front of them? I mean really. Not that guy sitting there!

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