Sunday, May 8, 2011


I have taken up running. Well right now I have taken it up in theory. I figure it is better to walk until my legs no longer cramp then I can take up running.

My goal is a 5K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day. D and Kisknit's husband (Mr 823) ran in it two years ago and last year we were planning on walking it but Mother Nature gave us illness instead. Hubby was tougher than me and went and ran it with both of our timing devices attached to his shoes. So in spirit I crossed the finish line one second before he did. You know I bring that up whenever I can.

Hubby started with the couch to 5K program and it worked for him so I looked into it and decided it may work for me too. The plan is to walk/run at least 3 times a week for 20-30 minutes at time. You warm up then walk for so long and run for a bit then walk for the same time and run for a time, for example walk one minute, run 30 seconds, walk one minute, run 30 seconds. Ya'll following me? Each week the running interval increases while the walking interval decreases, till finally you just run. Sounds pretty doable right?

Since I have not been regularly exercising for a while, I started off with 2 weeks of walking to start, well my legs are not used to that activity so they are forming protest cramps at every workout.  Therefore I have reset my two week walk amount to walk until I no longer have cramping protests. I finished my third week. The cramping is getting better but this week will be a walking week still.

I am a bit frustrated by this but am happy that I did not injure myself. The start of the second week I cramped so bad I limped all but five minutes of my walk, the first five minutes. I have never had a cramp like that. I believe the word I kept saying in my head was WOWEE!

I have been walking the 5K distance on the weekend when I have a chance to recover from it. And do the timed walks twice during the week. Usually before I go to work. Around noon I switch between feeling cranky to feeling a sense of accomplishment. Yay Me!

Now that I know I am sticking to the plan I deserve new shoes, right? There is a running store locally that several people I know use. I guess you do take up running when your friends are runners. I think Mr 823 is plotting world domination and I am just another cog in his Turn-Everyone-in-the-World-into-Runners plan. I will not bow to my evil running overlord! Nope that is not true I have already curtsied in his general direction.

Anyways D and I went to the running store today to get me running shoes, even though I am not yet a runner. They asked me what I wear while measuring my feet. Wait have you seen my feet without wool covering them? Hold on I will take a picture.

I had D come help me gain some perspective for you. The less hairy one is mine. A good 2 inches shorter but just as wide if not more wide than a man.

Turns out I must have inherited my feet from Fred Flintstone, I could peddle a car with these babies! But not without my leg cramping. Do you think that is why I'm cramping, my legs have a hard enough time keeping me balanced on my 2X4 stubs?

Oh back to the store, right. Guess what there is not a huge call to shoe feet shaped like mine. They did not have shoes that would fit me in stock. Honestly once they said my feet were smaller than size 6, I would not expect them to keep those shoes in stock. Turns out one possibility for me having trouble with walking maybe that my foot bends at a different point than the shoe. To get the width I need, I've had to go up in size, which increases the length of the shoe and places my foot to the non-bendy part. Well that is one theory, we have no actual proof yet. It does make sense to me.

As the guy is taking my foot measurements, he's giving me beginners tips. The one we both laughed at? Cotton socks are not recommended, only synthetic or merino wool. Do you have either of those? Yeah Baby I have merino wool socks. You want to see my collection?


  1. Fantastic! I really wish I was a runner, but my knees are really unhappy with that prospect. Instead, I'm trying to train myself to walk to or from work at least a couple of times a week. Maybe once I get some weight off me, it will be easier... but we'll see...

  2. I really hope the new shoes, when they come in will work!

  3. @Adriene I think walking is very respectable. Enjoy your accomplished feeling afterward. You did do something good! Think of how many people do not walk to work (like me) you're better than all of us for that alone. :)

    @kisknit I'm sure they will be fine. They have to be better than my current hiking boot.

  4. That's awesome that you're training for the 5k. I think I tried the Couch to 5K thing one year..I got about 4 weeks into it and lost steam. :-(

    Keep at it though and enjoy the walking...its better than nothing. Now if only you could walk and knit at the same time. hahaha

    Also - keep in mind that different brands of shoes are for different shaped feet. Nike's are good for people with narrow feet; Asics and Brooks are good for wider feet.

  5. That is interesting about the shoe brands, it explains why I can not wear the Nikes I bought years ago.