Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Tuesday melt down

We have mice! Jack caught one on Sunday and we had the bug guy who it turns out is also our rodent guy come out to put out traps. I choose glue traps vs the poison because I do not trust anything to poison only one animal in the food chain.

Let me wander off into a bit of a side story here. I grew up on a farm. I was surrounded by animals. I watched them mate, get pregnant, give birth, live and die. To say I have first hand experience with the circle of life is an understatement. (Don't ask me how chickens do it I am still confused by that one, it can only be described as a huge fight.)

Today I left for work with a funny noise in my new car. When I pulled over and opened the hood I found bird seed all over the engine and a half made nest. I don't know if the noise was the bird seed rattling or the mice abandoning the car. That put me in a mood today, all day I was despising the mice. How dare they do that to my car!

When I came home today I had three little bodies in the traps. Two of them still struggling. My righteous indignation pored out of me. Finally when I was sobbing in our laundry room I knew I could not let them go any longer. It is much easier to be the cause of a death than to do the deed yourself.

I came inside and scared the dickens out of my husband. Poor guy did a kitty health check because he did not know what had set me off.

Even though I describe myself as a tough farm girl things can still surprise you. Now maybe I need to start watching chick flicks at least one a month to get rid of some of my pent up emotion.

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  1. I prefer traps as well when dealing with mice, especially ever since Rascal ate rat poison and ended up having to get his stomach pumped. I also think it's more humane, rather than having to deal with dying animals all over your house. It's not a nice feeling at all to have to deal with them, but you're halfway there. Hang in there!