Sunday, May 29, 2011

Riding the wave of indecision

You remember this sock? It has been sitting in time out because I was trying to figure out if close enough really was close enough. I've knit it twice now from both ends of the yarn to just after the heel and the start of the gusset.

The first one I knit on 2.5 mm needles which are bigger than my standard sock needle, 2.25mm, but the yarn is bigger than my standard fingering weight yarn too. I had the thought after the heel that it looked a bit tight for me. I tried to get it on but it would not even go over my heel. So I put it aside and started with slightly larger needles from the other end of the yarn. So I could compare, see if there was any noticeable difference.

This worked for a time. I got to the same place and tried these on. I could get them over the heel, just barely. I debated keeping or frogging. Well that debate became rather muted when i stuffed them in a bag and forgot about them. Well not really they mocked me every time I went to my project page on Ravelry. 'Why would you finish those socks? I'm still waiting here.'

Well last week I took them out and apologized and frogged the heck out of that first sock. I know now that neither one will work. So I am planning to try knitting with 3mm needles then switch to smaller needles for the foot. So maybe it will work this time, I just love the look of this pattern so much that I am unwilling to give it up.

I'll keep you all informed, when I decide to work on this one again.

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