Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ah television

I watch TV while knitting, I feel so productive to be churning out sock after sock while others just stare at a screen. Today I tried listening to one of my audio books but I've trained myself to fall asleep to spoken words so I promptly felt drowsy when Jack moved in next to me for his nap. I did hit the nap trifecta there, someone talking to me, nice blanket and warm kitty fur. To be honest I am a little amazed that I am awake now.

Anyways back to TV, I am totally frustrated because all the show cancellations came out this week. Seems like many of the ones that I like were on the axed list. The worst cancellation in my opinion being Human Target. I did so love that show. The worst part of churning is that there is no closure. I think they should be forced to do a wrap up show that sends the characters off in to the happy Hollywood sunset.

So in protest (I'm sure the networks will notice) I have started watching old TV shows. No room for cancellation since they have already had their run. I am currently working my way through Murder She Wrote. How did I miss watching this one? Oh right I was too young for murders. It makes me twitch when I hear people say something like I would move from any town like Cabot Cove that had that many murders. Mrs Fletcher traveled a lot so many of the murders did not occur in the town. Of the 50 or so episodes I've watched less than 10 of them have been in town. I know I have weird pet peeves.

I added Magnum PI to my netflix queue also. One thing I have learned so far is that nothing dates a show like computers, cars or glasses. Well at least those are the big three that I notice most. Oh wait airlines date them too, I saw an episode where they were flying PanAm. Oh and you don't see as many story lines that use defection as a plot tool either.

So that is what I am watching I will catch up to you all in a few decades. Any recommendations for time warp TV?


  1. I'm the same with audio books. The only time I can really listen to them is in the car when I'm driving with the hubby. Listening to them on the couch is just a reason for a nap!

    I LOVE watching old shows - M*A*S*H, Cosby Show, Golden Girls, Matlock... I feel great watching them, like visiting old friends, even though I've seen them all before. Luckily, hubby hasn't watched M*A*S*H before, so it gives me a reason to watch it again!

  2. You should try Remington Steele. It has Pierce Brosnan in it from before he was James Bond. In fact, he was supposed to do James Bond when Roger Moore was chosen, but he couldn't get out of his contract for Remington Steele.

    If you're into British comedy, you could try Keeping Up Appearances, Fawlty Towers, or Are You Being Served.

  3. I knew I could depend on y'all for suggestions! I loved M*A*S*H and Are You Being Served, time to add them back into the rotation. And retry a few others. Thanks!