Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tea Party: The knit version

Have you ever bought a yarn color because of its name? I have. I like things that have a tea theme. I buy towels with tea cups on them. I've done a cross stitch pattern with tea cups several years ago, I wonder where that one is?

Anyways I have bought two colorways named 'Tea Party' from different companies. The first one was a lovely brown from Dream in Color that I used to make this cowl. I think I still have enough to make some socks or fingerless gloves.

The other was bought for the name, sale price and its quirky color. Why would Knit Picks name a pink, tan and brown colorway Tea Party? My guess is that many little girl's toy tea sets are pink plastic and tea is usually brownish.

The price was very nice coming in at $6.50. I thought what the heck even if I don't love them I will have nice inexpensive socks. Yep I have bought enough yarn now that I think of any socks under the $20 mark as inexpensive. Insert some non-knitter saying you know Walmart sells them in packages for around a dollar a pair. Silly non-knitters!

I admit that these made me smile every time I picked them up. I was totally charmed by the pink and brown stripes. They seemed to be just the right mix of girly girl and dirty tomboy.

The yarn flashing over the instep only added to my amusement. And the heels, I've never had heels that turned out like these.

While these may not be my most elegant pair, they sure do tickle me. Stroll softens up quite a bit when you wash it, and I am enjoying wearing these.

Before I bought the yarn I felt a bit silly for getting something based on its name. But I firmly told myself  that a lot of my socks look similar, why not get something that I would not normally choose. I am very happy that I did. So sometimes it is nice to step out of the color coded boxes that make up my world.


  1. I am totally a sucker for packaging, but I am even more of a sucker for names. There's a bunch of yarns from Tempted Yarns called Good Grrl, Bad Grrl, Glam Grrl, etc. that make me chuckle every time I see them!

  2. I wandered over to the site. Don't you just love yarn in all its colors?