Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What a Squirrel and Moose do on Turkey Day

I love my husband, you know how I know? I was up and dressed at 7 am on Thanksgiving Day and I did not have to cook this year. We did our first turkey trot this year. By we I mean of course he ran it and I "supported" him.

I blame #823. He introduced D into the joys and agonies of running. Well I'm not sure if that is a true statement maybe he did not introduce him but he sure as heck is enabling him. #823 is super cool because he gives really good advice about things that D is becoming interested in, biking and running. When D said he was trying out a couch to 5K program, 823 said you should try a turkey trot that is a 5K. When D sprained his ankle he said worst case scenario you could walk it. 823 is an evil genius that way.

This is them walking to the start line. There was much discussion about if they would run together or separately. They choose separately which I think took all the pressure off both of them. D could run at his wounded beginners speed and 823 could run at his normal speed of Mach 2. OK I exaggerate, it is only Mach 1.

You can not really see it here but that is the whole street, under the green lights, full of people running in a turkey trot. That is a lot of trotters.

I did not get pictures of 823 finishing the race because I blinked and he was standing beside us. Dude is seriously fast.

I love it when I finally see him coming in at an event like this. Makes me all gushy in the knees and proud. My man has some seriously sculpted legs. I think I might be falling for my man in tights.
Do you see it that look of satisfaction? Yeah I see it too, I think I'm a runners wife.

I know I'm a knitter. My Selbu mitten is coming along very nicely. I did not have time to knit at the trot but I worked on it later in the day and am up to where I start the decreases for the finish. I am so excited to be able to do color work. I am totally in love with this mitten.

I will leave you with the funny story of the day. Mrs 823 and I walked down to Starbucks to get a Chai tea before the trot. Yep, Starbucks was open. When we walked in the door the guy behind the counter yells out to us "I love You, You get Free Coffee!" Now I'm thinking to myself 1) I'm feeling pretty good about you too right now mister and 2) they must have been bored and were betting on whether or not certain people would come in. Nope I was wrong on both counts. I was wearing the Iowa Hawk-eye sweatshirt that D's brother had given me for Christmas one year. The dude behind the counter was from Iowa, he was so happy to see something that reminded him of home that we got free chais. Mrs 823 kept thinking the cops were coming for us because we did not pay. I could not figure out why this would worry her so much till I realized she does not get the whole "midwest" thing. We midwesterners will give each other free stuff just so we can talk about home. We look at license plates and smile when we see one from home. I've even had conversations with random people that have Mt Rushmore T shirts on. Home will always be home to a midwesterner.

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