Sunday, February 6, 2011

Where is the end?

I finished out another book on CD in my car this week. I was listening to The Lady Elizabeth by Alison Weir. I can honestly say I thought about giving up a couple of times but you know me, I hung in there till the bitter end. Turns out the end was not as bitter as the middle, the never ending middle. I had a hard time listening to the many descriptions of the knot of desire in Elizabeth's stomach. I do believe I uttered 'Oh Come On!' a few times.

I think it was trying too hard to be a romance novel without the romance novel writing skill. Because romance novel writing is a skill in my opinion, much like comedy is a skill. When done correctly and well it looks effortless. But when performed incorrectly it just comes off as haphazard, pathetic and stupid.

The author's note at the end helped me somewhat, but ultimately not enough. I understand why she felt free  to explore the what ifs, what if Elizabeth had an affair with Seymour, what if she got pregnant by him? But for me I found it unbelievable and unnecessary. Quite honestly I was thrilled when Seymour was sent to the tower so the the story could progress without him tormenting Elizabeth (or me.)

I just found it hard for a great historical writer to stray so far from her genre yet stay so close to the subject. I've read her historical books and really enjoyed them but I seriously doubt I will be checking out any other historical fiction by this author, sadly. I will continue to read her historical books as I believe they are the best. She is able to make British history come alive for me. I can even usually keep my good Dukes and bad Dukes (Not Dukes of Hazard) separate and identified.

All in all it was not awful but it could have been so much better. That reminds me I did not finish The Wars of the Roses maybe I will go dig that book out and fall in love with Ms Weir again.

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