Monday, February 21, 2011

Gratuitous sock pictures

My knitting love weekend continued with a Cookie A class, Traveling Stitches. Hmm Yarn Voyage and Traveling Stitches, I think my knitting may have a theme. 

Cookie started off explaining that traveling stitches are stitches that move across your knitting, side to side, rather than stacked vertical knitting. To highlight what she was describing she passed around her socks. She started off with my first love German Stocking. I was a bad student because I interrupted class to ask for a picture. 

Hey I could not resist a picture of my favorite sock with its designer. I wanted to cast on for these when I found out she was coming, what can I say I am a suck up. However my lack of appropriate yarn held me back. I buy yarn for color and a multicolored yarn would not be good for these socks. I am thinking of making them in a plain undyed yarn. Now I just need to buy more yarn. You see my hold up right? Maybe I need to knit down the stash first.

I did get a picture of some of the socks being passed around the class. I did do a mad search of my house prior to leaving for class as I could not find my Monkey socks to wear. Luckily they were on the drying rack so they came to class with me.

Another gratuitous sock picture
 And like any good suck up I asked for a picture with Cookie. Hey my sweater compliments her hair. OK not quite right but still OK. All in all it was a great day and something I promised myself when I found Cookie's socks. "I will take a class from her if she comes anywhere near me."

Anyone else have the urge to cast on some socks now? Happy Knitting


  1. Ah, the weakness for the variegated yarn... I hear ya! It's so cool to meet a designer, and to find out how they think. I'll admit, I'm still not a sock-knitter, but who knows... I've admired Cookie A's patterns for a long time now. I might just have to take the plunge!

  2. Adriene, come on over to the sock knitting side, we have warm feet over here. At least most of the time we do. Just so you know when you cast on for a shawl I alway want to start one then too.