Friday, February 11, 2011


D asks me this morning if I am going to need my Mom this evening. I give him my standard what-the-heck-are-you-talking-about look, since my Mom is in SD and it is not like I am having an emotional crisis, or anyone's birthday. Why would I need Mom tonight more than any other night?

You may want to get a cup of tea because I am taking the long way around. When I was growing up we did not take vacations because it is too difficult when you have a farm to take time off. In the summer Dad was always out in the fields and the animals always need to be fed. Neighbors can help out but they have their own work to do, so taking a week off is not something you really do when you have a small farm.

Once we moved off the farm money was very tight. I can remember my Mom having three jobs at the same time. So we obviously did not vacation then either.

Later in High School it was just down to Mom, Dad and me at home. They decided that we should see Nashville, Memphis and Branson MO. So into the car we went. I did not know why we were going to Branson till we got there. Turns out it is the 'Las Vegas' of country music, without the gambling. Each performer had their own theater. We chose to go to Charley Pride's new theater to see him perform. And since it was new he would be giving autographs after the show. We bought his biography and stood in line. When it was our turn we walked up and I walked up to the most intense eyes I have ever seen. I'm sorry but Paul Newman had nothing on Charley's eyes! He asked me what my name was so he could sign the book to me. Nothing, I could say and do nothing but look helplessly at my Mom. She told him my name and how to spell it. I do think that I managed to get out thank you but I am not sure. I have never been so star struck in all my life. Of course that could be because he is the only star I'm ever close to. But seriously his eyes were intense.

Tonight I am going to have my Knit, Sock, Love book signed by Cookie A and D was a bit afraid I will freeze up again in my second brush with stardom. Well Mom you have been warned if you get a strange call from me tonight just say my name clearly and spell it for Cookie, OK? Oh and I love you too.


  1. Just remember, they are naked under their clothes and put their pants on one leg at a time. Oh, and they also poop. Um....anything else?

  2. Yes do not look directly into the eyes!

  3. Now, that is an AWESOME story! I love it! I'm sure you'll get the words out for Cookie A., but in case you don't, practice your smiles! :)

  4. Thanks Adriene. I managed to even talk with her for a bit. She wrote 'May your love for socks grow.' I am not sure if that is possible because I love them so much now I don't think I have any more left in me. :)

  5. Are you sure she did not write "Let your love for socks go"?