Monday, August 30, 2010

Japanese and Rose Gardens in Portland

D had been to Portland before and told me about the Japanese Garden. So number one on our list of things for me to see on this trip.

We took lots of pictures, so you have been warned.

One of the complaints I heard about this garden was "there are no flowers" and "it is not colorful". It was so rich with greens that D and I both fell in love. There are so many shades that my camera could not keep up.

One of the rock gardens. D could have sat here all day. You know I think he would have been one of the few people that appreciated a desktop zen garden.

The other rock garden. They change the patterns depending on the seasons. Last time D was there it was a checkerboard pattern signaling harvest season.

A view of Portland from the garden. I think that Mt Hood is in there somewhere covered by the clouds. Still beautiful to me.

See what I mean about shades of green?

Did I ever tell you that D was my Tae kwon do instructor? That is him showing off his "crane" kick. Yeah I love that guy he can make me smile.

Yeah we really liked the garden.

Then we walked across to the International Rose Test Garden. Color everywhere. And people everywhere too.

See why I love him?

I could not resist this one.

We even came across the aftermath of a wedding. I love weddings!

D made me pose for this one too. I was laughing so hard I am amazed the picture came out.

Afterwards we had Mexican food and beer! So it really was an international day for us. Oh we also found a Peet's coffee and had some tea.

We liked the Japanese Garden better but then we like green a lot.

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  1. We visited a beautiful Japanese garden in Ireland ( It was simply gorgeous. I now have to go to Portland :)