Monday, August 16, 2010

Into the wild blue yonder

We got to vacation in Oregon! D and I both fell in love with the areas we saw. We started and ended in Portland with a side trip to the coast in Newport.

I found a good antidote to air travel. Yarn! The following picture shows what is called the great wall of sock yarn. It is located at Twisted in Portland, Oregon. I was too shy to take more than one picture. Ironically all the sock yarn I bought came from the other end of the wall. My yarny oasis does exist!

You have already seen my new backpack. Lovely isn't it?

Even better it has it's own yarn compartment. Can't see it?

How about now? I think they designed that compartment for shoes, but you know it works better for me as a future sock compartment. We ran into some people we know and they laughed at my yarn compartment. Can you imagine laughing at a yarn compartment?

D headed out to Portland the week prior to me so he took the felted ipod sleeve I made. So I stitched up the sides of my sweater cable swatch and felted it a bit to make a new one for me. I may even like it better than the old felted case.

This was one of the socks I knit on while flying. I finished the other sock to round out a new pair for me while somewhere over Ohio near as I could tell. I even kitchnered the toe closed on the plane and no one even asked what I was doing. I wore them with pride in Oregon, especially since they were dyed in Oregon. They are of course drying now since they were relegated to the laundry when we got home. Pictures will follow at another time.

While I was admiring the great wall of sock yarn I texted D, to ask him what color he wanted his next socks to be. The answer was chestnut. ? Who asks for chestnut as a color? Oddly enough I had just looked at the above yarn called....wait for it.......Chestnutty. How odd is that? I am hoping he will love these socks as much as I love mine.

I will post my yarn purchases later, I think I got some good stuff. I was told that I got a nice selection of Oregon yarns, thanks that is what I was going for. Yarn memories.

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