Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Work in Progress Wednesday

So some brilliant person on Ravelry came up with work in progress Wednesday (WIP). I will try to show off what I am working on.

I made Mustardy Cheese Pretzel Bread, or was it Cheesy Mustard Pretzel Bread? Either way it was yum. The dough did not seal very well with cheese mixed in so I got 'mountain' shaped bread.

Does not matter how it looks, it tasted great. I think D may have finished it today so I guess it is no longer a WIP.

Remember this sock? I knit on it while I was on my way to Oregon. Such a great color. As much as I loved knitting on this, I was fighting the feeling that it was wrong. Don't get me wrong I am sure I would have loved the socks but...I think it wants to be something else.

I found this pattern last week on Ravelry. (I must be on there a lot.) It did not matter what I was looking at this pattern kept popping up. I enjoyed the simple lines. Then I saw the name, Multnomah. I was constantly mispronouncing this word in Portland. It was the street where I stepped on to a city bus for the first time ever. It was my linking point between the MAX light rail and bus route 8.

I really wanted to knit the pattern using yarn that I actually bought in Portland. I petted, I pondered, I imagined, I talked to the pattern asking it which yarn to choose.

It told me that the sock was wrong for my blue alpaca yarn. That yarn rode Multnomah St. with me. It was riding in the car when we crossed back into Multnomah county. That yarn was just as much Oregon to me as the yarns I bought there. The pattern whispered that it would be OK they would work together.

And so far we are all sharing the love.

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