Thursday, August 19, 2010


Blogger got me again. I had my Portland post all done when I went to post it, Blogger booted me out and somehow auto save was turned off too. So here I go again.

We stayed in a B&B in the historic Irvington neighborhood. It was beautiful and unique, yet all the differences worked together. As we walked through I took pictures that caught the feel of the neighborhood.

Mossy Steps

Apparently in super nice neighborhoods you don't allow people working on your house to use your toilet. I must admit that a port-a-potty is not what I think of when I think of 'Honey Bucket'.

There were several trees in the area that had this trunk bulge. I wonder what caused it?

Some houses had ivy for their front lawns. Now I want an ivy yard too.

We went to a local infamous book store, Powell's Books. They sell new and used books right next to each other. The original store takes up a city block. The funny thing is that from the outside it looks like nothing special. When D walked by it he did not even go in, the first time. He humored me and was shocked how it looked inside. It was totally like the TARDIS inside. (Dr Who reference)

The rooms were referenced by colors. The restrooms were in the Purple room. In case you ever need to know. Knitting books and cookbooks are in the orange room. Mysteries in the gold room. I found some early Robert B Parker, Spenser books, and a romance novel.

The technical branch of the bookstore was down the street and I found something that had suspected for a while.

Oops, I read that as Algebra lies!

We used the MAX light rail to get around the town. Is it wrong that I really wanted to go to the library? But we did not.

D let me try his 'Sassy Sue' beer at dinner. Yes it was good.

Is it just me or is D staring longingly at the mustard?

It cracked me up that we came across this scrap of paper on the walk back to the B&B. Do you think the student finally remembered who they were supposed to do their report on?

Our B&B had a resident cat, Winston. I will be honest that is one of the reasons I picked that B&B. Having someone to pet did make me miss my boys less. D and I always joke that hotels should have rental cats for me.

We had a great stay at The Georgian House. Willie (the owner) was super nice and even cooked around D's aversion to eggs as a breakfast food.


  1. Nice pictures! It looks like you guys enjoyed the trip to Portland. Love the "honey bucket". ;-)

  2. You know...I was wondering why when I originally saw your post that it was just a bunch of pictures! :-) Apparently we both had the same thoughts about the honey bucket though. hahaha