Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fair Time

Last weekend we went to the fair. I love fairs I always have. I like the variety. D tolerates my love. This post may be a bit jumbled.

We saw sheep, lots of sheep.

This one is a Targee sheep.

I went all "Knitters book of Yarn" on D, with this one. I was so excited to see an Icelandic Sheep. I started to tell him about primitive breeds. I can assure you it was more than he wanted to know.

We caught a bit of the tractor pulls. We had to wander over when we heard the noise and saw the smoke. It was quite a crowded area, must have caught other people's attention too.

Tractor pulling

This one is for my Dad! Just a bit of old tractor porn for him.

Old Tractors
We watched some animal driving skills competition. I've never seen a team yoked before. Amazing to see them doing the course with only verbal commands and taps of a whip. I remember reading "Farmer Boy" and wondering how a huge animal would take Gee and Haw for directions. It was pretty dang cool. They were named "Black" and "Blue".

Yoked oxen showing off their moves
These were the biggest animals I've ever seen in person. I'm just a wee bit over 5 foot and I think these guys are taller than me! They were named Peterbuilt and Mack. Seriously they were truck sized! 

Huge Oxen

Romeo took his driver for a ride!

Student Driver

We caught a spinning competition. D did get bored before we found out who won. I probably would have gotten bored too, eventually.

Spinning Competition

I was smart enough to take pictures of both the sheep and the signs, so I could remember breeds and what they look like. It was my own little version of "Knitters Book of Wool".

How to remember sheep type 
Truth in Advertising

We saw dog agility too. It was not precision but it was fun to watch. 

Dog Agility
Baby Ducks
Baby birds are always so cute and fuzzy.


The chickens thought I do a good chicken impression. They kept coming toward me when I started clucking. This guy was one handsome cock. Yep that is what they kept calling them "cocks". It was like 8 year old boys got together and wrote all the signs. When I was not clucking I was giggling. Apparently   I have an 8 year old boy's sense of humor. It may also be why I watch dog shows too. I get to hear appropriate use of the word "bitch".

D's new winter ride
I think they use this vehicle to groom snow mobile trails, but I'm sure D could put it to use too. I know I would have fun with it!

Oh then I made bread the next day. See some of my bread comes out looking normal. Wheat zucchini bread. It was tasty. Texture was like a normal bread but with little green zucchini bits.

Homemade bread - by me

I do love a good fair. Do you think that is why I like fiber festivals too? All the fair elements and wool to boot?


  1. Looks like a fun, relaxing time! :o)

  2. That looked like a good time! I love those huge oxen! And that Targee is beautiful!