Friday, December 4, 2015

Quickly before anyone notices

Did you feel that gigantic whoosh go by you too? I am pretty sure that was November. Or at least it felt like November. 

So I may not have proof of what I am knitting because I can't get any pictures now. I can tell you what yarn I just cast on this week. It is from my Rhinebeck 2014 stash so I did not even have to dive too deep. 

STR in the colorway Muddy Autumn. Shh don't tell anyone but I'm knitting these for myself. I know it is not like my sock draw is empty but I love the colors so I'm keeping them.

I may or may not have just squirreled away a Hubby sized pair of socks till I can get them wrapped. They won't be a surprise but I bet they will be appreciated.

Now I'm going to knit for ten minutes before I have to do a night of Christmasy activity.

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