Sunday, November 8, 2015

Knitting with Acorns

While I was busy taking pictures of the Rhinebeck haul I amused myself by collecting acorns in the back yard. This little pile represents all that was within arms distance. I do believe I made a few squirrels angry. But really when you move a few blades of grass, tuck in an acorn and put a leaf over it, is that really a hiding place?

 To amuse myself further I decided to take knitting posed with acorns pictures.

A sock for Mom. Don't worry I won't be sending only one. I figure that I have a sock that Mom tried on in the spring here. If I can keep one sock to measure against here and send on any completed pairs, knowing they will fit her. 

This is a nifty little ear bud sock. Jack likes to chew on all things string-like so it is best to have a nice little un-stringy pouch to hide ear buds.

Oh the Honey Cowl may just be my new socks, always on the needles. Knit over and over again.

Here's a more true to color picture. I've knit two now and bought yarn at Rhinebeck for another.

You know I should probably knit a sweater first though. Or two you can never have too many sweaters in the winter. I really do need to knit some sweaters...


  1. Hehe, the acorns are adorable. I can imagine the squirrels chittering away in frustration, but really, you're just making them easier to find! What a great service you provide, :)

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