Thursday, December 31, 2015

Getting it right and wrong

This year was a year of growing that I have not faced in a while. Trying to find a new me, hopefully a better me. It was a year of learning. How to deal with frustrations, how to ask for help, how to let go.

This day marks the end to my first year as the volunteer financial secretary to my church. It was a much bigger job than I thought. Learning as I go, teaching myself, setting up a new system and massive data entry did not make it any easier. Quite honestly there is so much more to do. It has been a bit like treading water, next year I might just learn how to swim.

So that used up a lot of my time. Time I would normally spend knitting, exercising, blogging and doing all the other things that fill up an evening/weekend. I missed those things.

I tried to knit at any opportunity. D gave me some great advice, knit at the very first church meeting I attend. Let them get used to the idea right from the start and don't worry about what others think. He is really quite a smart guy. I can tell you it worked. The only thing I get asked is if I've finished a sock during the meeting. I've proven that I can pay attention and participate, even with my fingers busy. And I resent the time away from home less too. You ever been in a meeting that seems to go in circles? It is not so bad when you have knitting that goes in circles too.

A couple of months ago I was feeling that my knitting time had taken a hit and wondered how bad it was. Turns out all those little moments can lead to good solid knit items, mostly socks. Sixteen pairs, half of which are not for me. I can add in three cowls and a hat. So while I may not have managed a sweater, no wait a minute I reknit half of a sweater for D because it was too big. It fits nice now. Anyways I was quite productive even if I was not as relaxed as I used to be.

I set 52 books as a reading challenge and crushed it. I've got 58 stories in my head now. I found listening to books and a new paperwhite Kindle to help. Most times I've had 3-4 books going at a time. My favorite was The Martian by Andy Weir Audible edition. My sister recommended it to me and wow what a great story! It was a bit heavy on the swearing but when you're alone on Mars trying to survive it does not need to be PG 13. I missed seeing the movie but have something to look forward to next year. What? It is all the small things that add up to make a good year.

Unfortunately the thing that I could put off and did put off was exercise. It was so hard to make that time for myself with a box of obligation weighing me down. D has been gently helping me find time and making it a priority. I did tell you how smart he is, right?

Jack is a fan of Mom's paperwork. He likes to sit next to me and make sure I am doing it right and taking breaks. Gus likes that Mom does not have quite so much time to focus on him. It is nice to be able to take a nap without getting poked.

Well that is about all I have to tell you for this year. May next year bring us more joy than heartache!

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