Saturday, January 24, 2015

Warmer ears

A couple of years ago I made a hat. Remember it?

I remember it because it has been my only successful hat...ever. I must have a bowling ball shaped head because this round beret is the only hat I've made that will stay on my head. As good as I am making socks I am horrible making hats. Well not making hats they look nice, they just fit me horribly. I was so proud of that hat that I gave it to my Mom. 

My thought at the time was I can always make another. Yeah I could've but I didn't. Socks must just hold all my fascination. I kept on knitting sock after sock and even a few sweaters. Oh heck I even tried another hat. Not that I've taken a picture of it or told you anything about it.

Finally the other day I thought to head is cold! I should probably make another hat that I know has decent odds of being worn. So I did.

Modeled here by His Royal Cattiness Gustav the Magnificent.

Woman, you're trying my patience!
You know I prefer shawls to hats.

I made this one even a bit longer so it is even less tempted to pop up off my ears. Yeah I am pretty happy with it even if Gus is not.


  1. I also have trouble knitting hats. I think I must have ears that are too low on my head. The only have that I like was a slouchy one, and I think it's because it's long enough to cover my ears.

    I hope you're surviving all that snow!

    1. Yes, I think slouchy is the key if you want your ears covered. Have you seen EZ's ski bonnet? I may try making one of those too. It looks mighty toasty.

      Once I tied a shawl over my head and I see why the Queen does it. My ears warmed right up. I looked silly but was warm. Looking silly is a risk I am willing to take for warm ears.

      Our snow was not too bad, less than 12 inches. I think Boston got our share.

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