Monday, January 12, 2015

Should have

Oh this weekend the light was nice and I thought to myself I should take some pictures for the blog. But then I looked down at the two furry bodies snuggled against me and thought maybe I should just enjoy the moment.

Yeah that moment lasted all afternoon. The light was going and dinner needed planning before they released me from captivity.

Tonight I am glad we spent that afternoon together. Gus had a tough barfing evening. Which means Mom had a worried evening. Dad had a cleaning up evening and Jack had a dinner-is-way-late evening.

In that snippet of time when Gus was resting I finished a pair of socks. I could not resist my Tea and Alchemy yarn any longer. (the top skein)

That is one less yarn in my stash from my 2014 Rhinebeck haul. Don't worry there are a few more skeins around here. 

I am knitting on a second sock for D and the other sock yarn I wound up is for him too. The other day I told him he may need a bigger sock drawer, even with my poor put-away-the-laundry skills his sock drawer is rarely empty. Granted sometimes he has to wear the early socks, you know the socks that don't fit just right.

He came home the other day from a winter fest, a guy told him alpaca makes the warmest socks. He was surprised when I said yeah I know, but I can not wear it, it felts on my feet. The felted socks look like really big ornaments or tiny socks. I may have used a felted alpaca sock as an oddly shaped oven mitt while camping. Hey when life gives you too small felted socks you make wonky oven mitts. It may have even been one of the few times I did not burn myself while cooking. 

Anyways we should all be off to bed while we can.

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  1. I hope Gus is feeling better - poor little guy. I hope he got lots of comforting cuddles once he was feeling up to it.

    I wonder if it's the twist in the yarn that makes alpaca felt on your feet? That is something I never thought I'd wonder about...