Sunday, February 8, 2015

Getting Back into Balance

Why haven't I been blogging? Thankfully it is not due to Gus being ill. December and January are not great months for him but we know that and work around it.

I've been all out of whack because I accepted a volunteer position at church. That is in addition to my paid full time job. It is a behind the scenes position that I am teaching myself. I am working with software that is new to me and learning without a manual. Always fun!

It has been a very interesting ride and I am looking forward to settling in and doing the job. But man oh man is it cutting into my knitting time. I may just have to start knitting during church just to catch up.

I have been trying not so well to balance every old thing with the new huge time sucking thing. turns out I don't really learn by osmosis. Which is good because I would have learned how to be a sheep by now with all the wool I touch.

So last week I learned that I have to take care of new things, and still take care of my exercise, home and family. I had shifted my priorities to accommodate my new work load and it was time to shift them again. It turns out there are not grocery fairies like I hoped there were. At least I had enough toilet paper to make it through.

This weekend I devoted to getting some things done. It is still not entirely the way I want it but I got quite a few things done and am feeling more like myself.

And yes that new self includes being Legion trivia champs two months in a row. OK, we were co-champs in January but it still counts. February can be credited to my lucky Adriene socks. I guess they were lucky from the start.

Yep those are the socks that I made from the yarn Adriene sent me as part of a yarn swap. It is good to have understanding internet friends. Adriene, if you did not guess your package is late going out. It was one of the things that never quite made it to the scale for balancing. This week, I promise!

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  1. Those socks are a thing of beauty. Did your package arrive yet?