Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I hear it is good for the soul so I think I will tell you all a few things today.

1. I am considering knitting a Norwegian sweater for Gus. It is just another crazy step in my plan to get practice knitting color work. My goal is to eventually knit one for myself. I have the books now I just need something relatively small and not seen in public to practice on. We all know how knitworthy Gus is in my eyes.

2. I am knitting a sweater and a second sock for my Hubby for Christmas. This is even though I've had a sweater on the needles for me since early this year. Dog -gone-it I just love knitting that one plain raglan pattern over and over it is like a big sock to me. And we all know how I love knitting socks.

3. I don't get why picking out gifts is so hard for me. I have three Christmas parties where cute little gifts are required. I have no clue what to give. Well one person is getting a bottle of alcohol but the other two???? I'll take suggestions if you have any.

4. Gus wants to give the vet's office Greenies for Christmas but I told him no. He keeps telling me they are the best snacks ever, no really the best.

5. Jack agrees that they are the best things ever but he wants Gus to give him the Greenies instead.

6. I spent part of the weekend updating my knitting journal and it is still at least a month behind. I have not even written about Rhinebeck yet. D had to find the journal for me. I think it was opposite day because I usually have to help him find things. Thanks Honey.

7. We watched the movie Fargo last week and we both got homesick for the frozen prairie. And the accents, Doncha know Hon?

8. I had Cheetos and edamame for lunch today. I don't even feel guilty because they staved off a migraine and upset stomach. Who knew they would do that?

9. I still love listening to audiobooks when I drive. My Audible account maybe my favorite thing I've bought myself, except for yarn of course. And knitting needles, and Jack. Well it is up there.

10. I am still exercising every day. I had a personal record (just over a mile and a half in 20 minutes) on Thanksgiving and it made the food taste even better.

11. I make excellent pumpkin pie and dinner rolls. My pie crusts are store bought but my dinner rolls are homemade. Both are very tasty if I do say so myself.

12. Our Christmas decorations are not up yet. There was a time when I had them up the day after Thanksgiving but not this year. I used part of that day to relax and knit on D's Christmas sweater. I don't regret it either.

13. It is time for bed if I am to keep this migraine at bay. To all a good night!


  1. Find a local farm that sells goatmilk soap and knit up some quick washcloths as hostess gifts

    1. That is a great idea. My knitting time is a bit tight this year but I am doing that next year.

  2. That was what I was going to suggest!!!

    Love your list :-).

    1. It's a great idea, right?
      Give Petunia a hug for me will you? And Renny and Hank and ...

  3. Oooo, dinner rolls... man, I love bread. I would sleep on your doorstep for one of those.

    I have some edamame in the freezer I keep forgetting about. Hmm, better break those babies outta there...

    Great list!

    1. You know if you brought me yarn you would not have to sleep on the doorstep. Oh wait you've already sent me yarn, now if I could just figure out a way to keep bread fresh while traveling across two countries...