Sunday, December 22, 2013

Seriously, nimble fingers

Oh, we are working so hard getting Daddy's sweater knit. You see that we're working so hard we can barely keep our eyes open? Well one of us, that is.

D's Christmas sweater will be a close one. I have most of a body and most of two arms. I'll do another try on session, but I matched it with on of his other sweaters and my future looks like a whole lot of ribbing till Christmas. I'm thinking that may have been a mistake since I have a limited tolerance for ribbing.

I have my first equipment failure to report. This sweater broke one of my cables on my interchangeable needle. Good thing I have more cables right?

I was thinking of getting some fixed circular needles to try out. But if this had happened on one of those it would have been total equipment failure, instead of just swapping cables.  Does anyone prefer fixed circular needles over interchangeable?

Well I am off to dream about knitting never ending ribbing on a sweater. Sweet dreams.

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