Thursday, December 19, 2013

Turns out

It turns out that even though there is only one knitter in our house, everyone wants to be included in the process. 

Here is D giving me his "I'd really like to wear a new sweater on Christmas" look. Who could say no to that face? Bonus points for wearing a sweater I've already made you.

Jack is working the quality control angle. See how he tries it out on different body parts? Belly warm? Check.

Whole body warm? Check.

Gus believes his position is more of a supervisor/inspector Gustav. He plans to inspect the sweater under the Christmas tree. Add a few Gus hairs to make it luxurious.

So right now I have most of the body done, most of a sleeve done and a really good start to another sleeve. I took it with me to trivia last night and met a lady that appreciates wool. This is a rustic not soft yarn. She felt the sweater and said Ooo that is going to be warm. It is nice and thick.

I've had non-knitters recoil when they feel a sweater I knit myself from the same wool. Seriously she snapped her hand back with a look of horror on her face. People, what can you do?

The socks may be doable since I carry them around with me. I'm finishing up the second heel flap, after that just a foot to go.

Back to the knitting, or should I go exercise first?

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  1. I don't let folks touch my yarn now unless I know I'll get the right response. Seriously, people, hands off unless you plan to worship appropriately.

    That sweater looks super comfy! I'm jealous of D!