Monday, December 9, 2013

Nimble enough?

My little finger have been getting a workout. I decided to give D a homemade Christmas. (It is OK he already knows it is not a surprise.) I am working on a sweater and a pair of socks. In that homemade I will include a lovely dinner and I may even let him win a hand or two of cards. (maybe)

The problem with the knit portion of my plan is that the knitting may still be on the needles once Christmas comes. But I am doing my best to have at least one item done that day.

If I changed the sweater into a vest I would be almost done. But at this stage in this pattern it just looks like a really weird 90s wooly crop top. Nobody wants to live through a crop top phase once they're out of high school. So I'll keep on working. I did manage to add 2-3 inches while at the movies with Kisknit and little Kisknit.

I also managed to wind up some of the yarn D's sweater will need. I just had to make a leaning woolman. You know like a snowman but made of wool balls?

Yes indeed we did get our tree up this weekend too. Gus and Jack just love rubbing their faces on the tree. I just though you should know that.

As far as the sock goes I have one done and around four inches started on the second one. The sweater seems like the most likely one not to be on the needles come Christmas day so much of my attention is focused there.

Wish me luck in my knitting adventures would you? I certainly could use a bit.

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  1. There's nothing quite like a good movie to get some knitting done, right? We've gotten into the habit of sitting at home on a weekend and taking in a flick or two. It's the only reason my last sweater got finished.

    The image of D in a wooly crop top put a big grin on my face! As did the thought of your two boys enjoying the tree!