Friday, November 22, 2013

Ramble on

I've been doing many things I swear, even though blogging is not one of them. I am almost two months into my goal of doing 20 minutes on my elliptical machine every day. I am so darn proud of myself that I can not stand it. Go ahead ask me now proud I am.

I thought it would be difficult to make that change for myself, but once I made the decision to do it my priorities changed. Since my time on the elliptical was not negotiable it changed from if I could fit it in today, to when I would fit it into my day. The last two days I've come home done my time, cleaned up and went out to have fun. Now you should know both nights included a fine time and cake. Really good cake too. I changed priorities, not my love of cake. I think cake tastes better when it is after a workout. All of the fun none of the guilt.

I've also been knitting. The weather is getting colder and I am feeling the need to knit seven or eight sweaters. Oh heck let's just make it an even ten. I think this weekend will be full of finding patterns, winding yarn balls, locating correct size needles and using all that to fill a couple of project bags. It is time to get my wool on.

Is it wrong that I am thinking of knitting Gus a wooly blanket? My boy is a bit thinner now and the cold seems to get to him more. I still think my alpaca shawl played a part in his decision to get better and not give up. Well that and he can not stand to see me get teary. His blood test a couple of weeks ago showed his pancreatic level dropped significantly, which is a very good thing. D keeps telling me that G needs a sweater too, but what yarn can compare to the silkiness that is Big G?

Of course with colder weather I also start baking more. I found a great recipe for an Oat-applesauce bread. It was so good that I made it again the very next day. That loaf did not last long either. I still have one loaf of pumpkin bread in the freezer, so don't worry about us.

I finally broke down and bought a new bread machine. I do so love the smell of fresh baked bread in the winter. And now I am thinking of making some pulled pork to go with it. Do you think the post workout appetite is kicking in?

So to sum up I am meeting my exercise goals, my knitting goals have switched to their winter schedules and my baking goals are quite tasty. All of these goals seem to come at the expense of my blogging, guess I'll be working on balance goals next.

I'll be back showing off bread loaves soon.


  1. I am super, duper proud of you, too! Way to go!

    I am quite sure Gus will be extremely happy with a nice wooly, warm blanket. Rascal will attest to that. I can picture Gus all cuddled up with his on the couch or in the sunshine. What a lovely thought. :)

  2. Poor Gus got an old wool sweater of his Mom's for the time being. He said Dad needed another sweater first. But you know Mom likes multiple projects so I should have my blankie by Christmas, unless I want cables...