Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Love

Hubby has some new wooly proof of my love. You see around our house Valentine's day is celebrated with green socks, not red and pink hearts. At least this year it will be celebrated this way. 

So is it still a gift if I started it way before the holiday with no gift intent. Does it still count? If I eat chocolates on Valentine's day that automatically makes them Valentines day chocolates, right?

You should note that these are the last of the gotta-get-em-done projects, that I started out the year with. That is right I am done with my new year's obligation knitting. Freedom feels quite nice. But it also comes with a grand case of guilt free startitis. 

I printed off a few sock patterns that have been sitting in my Ravelry queue. Now I'm dreaming up a storm and may or may not have cast on a sweater to take off the sock edge.

Anyways Hubby knows I love him, or at least his feet do.


  1. Are those the toe up socks from class?

    1. Why yes they are. D says they fit a bit different than my other socks. Too soon to tell which he likes more.