Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mulling it over

You know how I am a wee bit obsessive and like to plan things? I am still at a point where I am planning a lot of knitting. Pretty much that is always running in the back of my mind. You know the part of your brain that kick in and keeps you safe driving to work. On those mornings when you're getting out of the car and you suddenly realize you have no memory of driving there? Yeah, that part of my brain also plans my knitting.

It gets pretty frustrated with me when I have too many projects on the needles and it has nothing to plan. While the actual knitting part is firing away, the planning part is plotting ways to lose a project or two, you know, just so it is needed again.

Well this part of my brain is busy chugging away planning a train trip that is not even booked yet. It has decided that train knitting should be somewhat like plane knitting, no complicated lace projects. While socks are always a go to project, they don't take that much effort to plan. Sweater knitting is out since it is too bulky to lug around and the trip will most likely be in the summer.

Planning brain is thinking a shawl would be nice. But not a lace shawl, that's cruel. It keeps focusing on  a nice garter stitch shawl. Actually it is pretty darn focused on one garter stitch shawl, the Color Affection Shawl. Lovely is it not? Those nice long rows would allow me to sit and stare out the window, watching the countryside roll by, while keeping my hands happy.

Now my dilemma is what yarn to choose? I bought the pattern before Rhinebeck so I would know how much yarn to get, but alas I did not buy yarn that would work together. I've had a vendor in mind to get yarn from but they don't seem terribly active right now, so that is out. I've even resorted to googling for a kit, but the trend seems to have passed so no one seems to have them. (You can usually tell when a trend has hit its peak if I am finally interested in it.)

So we will have to wait to see what pops up before the train leaves the station. Hey, what colors do I want? I like green a heck of a lot, what goes with deep forest green as the darkest color? Maybe I should just spend a bit of time slogging through all the completed projects on Ravelry. All 7000+ of them, see what I mean about being the tail end of a trend?

I still want to knit it though! Any color combinations will be considered. Let me know what you think.

And to top it off I am one of those weird people that does not like to mix yarn makers. I don't know if it is because they will fight or just that they may have different tension or feel. I just know it is one of my things.


  1. Hmm, dark forest green... what about silver and dark purple? Or silver and fuschia? Man, I just looked at the projects, and holy smokes, overwhelming choices or what? dkzack just finished Stripe Study, and it's lovely. I'm also late on the bandwagon. One of these days I'll get around to making one!

    1. I've been thinking it over and I like the way you think. I may be leaning to the silver and fuchsia side. I have always liked those colors together.

  2. There are some online color scheme sites that may help.

    * (pick a color base and switch to the color matching tab to find options)