Sunday, February 17, 2013

For better or worse cake edition

As you know D is on a cooking discovery journey. For valentine's weekend he decided to try cake. But not normal cake, that would be too easy and really why try to discover cake mix? 

He discovered Wacky Cake VIII. Now when I was a kid on the farm we used to make something called Crazy Cake and this sounds quite similar. You started by mixing the dry ingredients together in the cake pan. That is right, you did not even need a mixing bowl for this one! A cake without eggs, milk or a mixing bowl? It is crazy! A well is made in the dry mixture and the wet ingredients are poured in then mixed all up. Put that baby in the oven and bake away.

Unfortunately our pan had a well portion that did not get mixed. Hey it is all part of the learning, right?

But frosting covers all kinds of mistakes and it tastes good too!

For better or worse, we get cake!


  1. That unmixed portion makes it so pretty! It's a perfect cake!

    1. It was a perfect cake, mostly because we made it together.