Saturday, September 29, 2012

Spinning along

The spinning bug has bit me again. I think it is because I am planning on getting another spindle at Rhinebeck. I just don't know what to get. I am leaning toward another Golding but what to get? What should my second size be? I have read raves about their tsunami spindle but how is it different? 

Anyways back to my current spinning, some lovely carmel colored roving from Spinner's Hill that I bought a while back. 

I am trying to spin this one a tad thicker but sometimes I revert to super thin. What can I say my fingers like thin yarn.

It is amazing how much spinning I get done while watching TV shows with my hubby. I don't know why it is an effective formula but it is.

Oh and I am getting pretty close on my RS too. Just in time for the cold weather.


  1. Maybe try getting a spindle that's a different weight from what you currently have. If you're looking to spin thicker, get a heavier spindle. It will force you to draft thicker so that the spindle doesn't drop.

    1. Thanks, I want a different weight so I look into it. So many things to consider.