Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rhinebeck sweater progress

Now that my first yarn festival is done I can switch my attention back to knitting my Rhinebeck sweater (RS). Last week I knit in the car while D and I ran errands. D of course was my trusty driver, since knitting and driving go together like alcohol and driving. I think it helped add some inches to the body. It is getting to the almost stage, the sleeves are almost finished, the body is almost done, and the collar is almost started. When I'm knitting on it I tuck the sleeves with their yarn ball still attached into the sweater body. 

The sweater itself becomes its own project bag. I must admit that I was not smart enough to figure out that I could close the neck opening with a couple of stitch markers and make it even more bag like, till today. Invariably I had a sleeve trying to escape out the neck hole, but I have ingeniously put a stop to the shenanigans.

Today we went and watched football at our local American Legion and boy, a nice cold beer and some football really encourage a sweater to grow. It made a great take along project since it is plain stockinette, I just go round and round, my favorite thing. Now I need to measure to see if I can start the ribbing, then the body will be done and I can go back to the sleeves or start the collar.

I need to keep in mind that Rhinebeck will be here before I know it. It is too easy to let a project lollygag along and let time run out. So if I do get it done for the festival we'll have the warmest weather ever for the festival, I just know it.

However I am still in love with the cable I chose for the arm. Looks like I have braids running down both sleeves.

Plus they sort of look like hearts so I can always say I wear my hearts on my sleeves. Which I think I truly do.

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