Monday, September 17, 2012

Choosing my next books

I had something happen to me for the first time last week. My audiobook in the car and my lunch time kindle book wrapped up on the same day. Usually my books are more staggered but this time, nope. Now I am floundering around a bit with two decisions to be made. Well sort of, my kindle book had an excerpt of the next book to tide me through lunch today.

Choosing your next book is a bit like choosing your next knitting project. Are you having fun with what you just finished? Did you like the characters/yarn? Was it what you needed at the time, challenging or comfortingly mind numbing? Is it time for something completely different? Is it season appropriate?

You see how these things play into making the decision, right? I would even say knitting and reading cross over each other. Sometimes a book holds your attention and all you can do while reading is mindless garter stitch, the same thing over and over. Sometimes a book is there to keep part of your brain distracted while the majority of it knits complex lace.

The problem is that I am in a transition period now. Twice a week I am driving to my ASL class and spending time away from my knitting. While I enjoy my class, I am missing my knitting. So I am looking for a great audiobook for my drive time something fun but complex. Do I want to continue on with a series or meet new characters?

Currently my first six choices for audio are:

1. Book 7 of the Pink Carnation series Betrayal of the Blood Lily
2. Book 3 of the Lady Julia series Silent on the Moor
3. A choice between the first book of two different series by Charles Todd (A Duty to the Dead or A Lonely Death)
4. First book of a series The Cater Street Hangman by Anne Perry
5. Bossypants by Tina Fey
6. 40+ hours of The Stand by Stephen King

Now my thoughts are:

1. It has been so long since I read book six of the series... maybe I should do a quick refresher, but then that is something I already read.
2. I fell asleep listening to this one on the plane back from So Dak, maybe my subconscious has forgot what happened and I can start over?
3. New books yay, but I don't know if I will like them.
4. Same as number 3.
5. D read this in one day laughing the whole time, he is a very slow reader. But maybe it is to diverting for driving.
6. Now that is a time commitment! Nothing new for two or three months. However, I did love Under the Dome and that book was about the same length.

You know I am just going to end up listening to the next book that starts on the ipod, because I am an indecisive weenie. By default it will be Betrayal of the Blood Lily, which means I will be lost for a time first.

Ok now I just found a program with Audible and Amazon where you can get both versions of the book and use them simultaneously. Crap I knew all my devices would start talking amongst themselves soon, is a revolution to follow? Do you think they're judging me on my reading material? If they are my kindle thinks I am smart because I downloaded free classic literature. We're talking Les Miserables and Don Quixote. Audible has Blood Sucking Fiends and Her Royal Spyness, while I loved both of these books, Audible may think I like to laugh rather than think. I think Audible knows me better.

I went ahead and downloaded The Mysterious Affair at Styles just to see how it works.

If you want to leave a comment on which book I should start, I am all ears. I can not promise not to over ride you vote but I'd love to read the arguments.

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