Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What I did not get

And now we turn to the sad part of the festival day. I fell in love but I did not come home with a fleece. And it is not because the mill has it either, I did not buy one.

I fell in love with "Tinkerbell", he was so deep and dark and shiny. So so beautiful.

You see the sheen on this fleece? It was even big enough for me, over 5 pounds. Oh I desired it so much, but I really need to do more reconnaissance first. I looked in the fleece show and sale. Wow that seems like a great way to pick a fleece. They look at them and judge based on a point system. Some even had notes on them telling why they did not get more points. 


I was able to see a range of fleece sizes, prices and producers. I don't know if this festival had a featured breed but all the fleeces I saw were Romney. The price per pound varied from $8 to $20. The size ranged four to almost eight pounds that I saw. There was a silvery grey one that charmed me quite a bit also but it was $120. Not what I want in my first purchase. Well no I wanted it but common sense rules my life.

I have the Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook on loan from the library. So I may be spending some time looking up different breeds and dreaming. 

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