Monday, September 19, 2011

Cooling down

Well look here another pair of socks. Are you surprised? 

Now the only small bit of surprise from you should be that they are not the Pink Spring socks. Plain socks, I can churn them out with my eyes someplace else. Socks that are started in the spring are only finished in the fall (or winter) with me. Yeah I don't know why either. 

Oh wait I do know why, I went on a camping trip and these sat in front of the fire with me. Round and round staring at the flames. Now that is what I call relaxing. I found the pocket on a hoodie makes an excellent place to stash a knitting project when you need your hands free to poke at the fire or make dinner or take a sip of tea.

And pretty too. I must say this yarn did not knit up the way I thought it would. No problems knitting it just the color seems a bit mushed together. I guess they don't pop for me, but I still love them don't worry. They are Malabrigo sock yarn in the Candombe colorway. This is said to be a more delicate sock yarn than others but my socks in the Stonechat colorway are still working for me. I was tentative washing them for the first time in my usual method, as people warned that they had felted and worn through if they were not hand washed. But no problems with me yet....

I started another project with Mom's yarn. I am making her some fingerless mitts to go along with her hat. I really like the way Fetching mitts look so this will be my fifth pair. I hope she likes them.

My toe up sock is progressing but it was left home since I did not want to drag a library book out into the woods camping with us. I will soon be at the gusset increases and am just a tad nervous about the whole plan. Which of course means the project will go into unofficial time-out while I 'think things through' you may read 'get mesmerized by some other pretty yarn' in that quote portion there. I would like to get Mom's mitts done and sent off to SD before winter gets too cold there.

Oh and this weekend is the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival so you know new yarn will be making its way home with me. New yarn, I will pet it and love it and name it George. (Sorry Adriene but I think that all the time too.)


  1. Maybe this is a weird comment, but I love the look of the heels of your socks. :)

  2. Nope not weird at all. I think they look cool too. Thanks!