Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Stuff

D was gone for another trip. He was away at a Deaf camp for silent week to learn more American Sign Language (ASL). In keeping with recent tradition he found a local yarn store and bought me yarn again.

I'm not saying I want him gone but it sure is nice when he brings me yarn and wine. What I forgot to tell you about the wine? We enjoyed a bottle last weekend. Tasty!

This is the other side of the skein showing off a bit of the purple patch. This is ella rae lace merino. I was worried because I don't knit with lace weight yarn, this turned out to be sock weight not lace weight. I have no idea why lace is in the name. I just know that it is beautiful fall colors and I love it. Keep them coming honey. 

My Spring Forward socks are woking towards being Fall Back socks. I just need to keep going on them, slow and steady wins my patterned sock race. 

Here is Mom's new Foliage hat all finished and looking lovely. Hey maybe I am a hat knitter too, after all. Naw, I am a sock knitter that occasionally can be talked into knitting a hat for the woman that gave birth to her.

Surprise I did finish my plain Green Tea socks. Oddly enough I have not yet tried these out. If they don't migrate to the sock drawer they don't make it to the rotation. I'm looking forward to some cashmere goodness wrapped around my feet.

Well that about sums it up for this home front. We have flooding in the area again. I hope everyone is high and dry, unless you live in Texas. I'm trying to convince Mother Nature that Texas would be glad to see this side of her. Seems like she is unwilling to budge right now.

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  1. Wow, so many FO's! You're on fire, lady! I've been trudging away through a very slow lace project. Lucky you to get more pretty yarn! Send D this way to tell my hubby how to do it!