Friday, September 23, 2011


D overhauled a bike for a friend and she in turn loaned us her new camp for a weekend. We are tent campers and usually it rains when we camp. It's not a big issue as D and I are from South Dakota farming people, we love rain. This time however since we had a firm roof over our heads, Mother Nature laughed at us and did not make it rain but added a nip to the air. That too did not bother us too much since the primary reason we go camping is to enjoy the campfire. 

D in his preferred natural state
One of the things I love about beach houses and camp houses is naming of these houses. The Dog House was a neighbor. (There you go Big H that is for you.) The Nut House was close by too.

Our temporary home was sadly unnamed. As we sat basking in the glow of the campfire we pondered names for a camp of our own one day. D thought mine should be the Yarn House/Tea House. We threw Cat House out of the running very early on. If we named it Bacon House for D, I think we would receive too many visitors.

Inside it was a cozy little place just enough room for two. We did bring the electric kettle from home. Some traditions are not to be messed with. Hot tea sure was welcome the next morning before the fire was going. I think the thermometer read in the 40s. It sure is tough to pull yourself out from under the sleeping bag.

I'm not sure how I feel about camping with a TV but hey who am I to judge. I am not proud to tell you we watched Super Troopers and 40 Year Old Virgin, but I did laugh, so that is what camping is all about.

We even had a neighbor join us to bask in the warmth of the fire. This little guy would get close to the flames then back off just enough not to bake himself. I think Daddy Long Legs are super cool spiders, mostly because they eat other spiders, or so I am told.

I'm telling you the mornings were quite brisk! And by brisk I mean three layers in front of the fire brisk. I used my time to finish my socks, finish a book and start Mom's mitts you saw last time. I even found a spot of sunshine to doze off in.  It is really nice to do a quick get away and recharge the batteries.


  1. That looks fun! I have to say that I'm not much of a camper, but I could do that! I wonder if it would work to call it The Knit House... it would kinda go with The Nut House...

  2. I like The Knit House. It was really nice to have all the conveniences of home in a smaller form. It made packing much easier too. But I brought too much stuff, story of my life.