Monday, September 12, 2011


I found something new at my library. A toe up sock book.

This book has a few different cast ons, three different increases, two heels and a few bind offs. Now I have learned that I am a strict heel flap girl. My feet don't fit in short row heels more than a few sock washings. I am really curious how a reverse heel flap works.

I brought it home just to look through. In theory I would like to learn different ways to make socks but in my heart I know I am top down kind of girl. No not my top, the sock's cuff down to the toe. I have tried a cast on suitable for a toe up sock but as with all things new I found it awkward and it did not work so I gave up and knit several socks the way I know how, the way I like.

But this time I thought, pull out some yarn and give it a go, just practice that is all you need to do. Suddenly the pressure was off and I was able to cast on, just to practice you know? I knit about 20 rounds then realized I did not like the increase I was using because it caused holes on my right leaning increase. Off it went to the frogging pond to start over .

A couple of weeks later I decided I needed more practice. While the cast on is still not fun, I did not want to poke my eyes out with my needles, so that is a good thing. I kept going and now I have this little toe hat.

The colors are pretty, no?

Ahh, as with all the hats I make it is too big. What is it with me and hats? We just don't seem to get along. Don't worry I'm just going to rip it back a little bit, eliminate a couple of stitches, four or eight do you think? I am leaning towards eight but who knows. 

Since it is a big skein of yarn 500 or so yards I planned on trying toe up knee highs so I can use most of the skein. When knitting top down socks it is difficult to know how long to make the leg so you still have enough for the foot. Usually I err on the side of caution and knit my socks about six inches tall. Typical knee highs are double that around 12 to 13 inches tall and since I am short I believe my leg will be shorter than average too. That reminds me I still need to ask the Hubby to help me measure my leg. Ahh the things he will do for love, and more hand knit sweaters. 

Hey look what the squirrel left for me on my deck. You think he likes me?


  1. Check out right-leaning lifted and left-leaning lifted increases. I LURV them.

  2. I think that is the one I like now too, my sister of the needles.

  3. To me, it makes more sense to knit a toe-up sock, but the cast on still mystifies me. It occurred to me that it might be useful to try out the Turkish cast on method when I was making my Macbook sleeve, just so that I wouldn't have a seam at the bottom of it, but laziness and my dislike of working with acrylic got the better of me and I just whipped off the seam with a three-needle bind off instead. I'll be interested to see how you fare with the toe-ups!