Monday, July 18, 2011


Friday nights are made for food experimentation right? Well, this last Friday I decided to try something new to us. 

Can you guess from this shot? Well yes I am grilling something, hmm I wonder?

I wonder what grilled pizza tastes like? My coworker's wife makes pizza whenever they take the RV out for a spin. I sometimes think that RV has been to more places than I have. So I asked him how his wife makes the pizza and it sounded simple enough. I bought pizza dough at the store and thought what the heck.

I did look online for a bit more detailed directions. First your grill needs to be quite hot, mine was not hot enough but that was fixed with a longer cooking time. You use olive oil to prep the grill surface. Then you toss on the dough. They said each side should take around 2 minutes but mine took closer to 5 minutes.

When the dough puffs up like this you flip it with a spatula. Oops looks like I was too eager to top it and did not manage to get a picture of the plain cooked side.

I threw on some toppings and closed her back down. I also think I left the lid open a bit too long and lost heat that way too, but no harm, no foul.

When the cheese was melted and the crust looked crusty not doughy, I pulled it off and plated it. One thing to note here is that a crispy pizza will try to slide off the plate when you're not looking. Bad Pizza.

Did you know that the only 2 letter word that begins with Z in Scrabble is Za? It is short for Pizza. Did you also know that I have never in my life heard anyone call it za? Hey even my computer's spell check does not like the uncapitalized word, take that Scrabble. Now it is my life's goal to play Za. This will be quite difficult because I don't play Scrabble. 

Hey look the tomatoes are growing!

Should I pick the one that is deformed, so the plant does not waste its energy on it? 

Look at that huge one hiding under the leaf! I would call it as mine but I think D will soon start coming home from work early just to hit the tomato plant. He does love his tomatoes.

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