Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Yarn Bowl

Gasp I forgot to show you my yarn bowl that I received for Christmas. My coworkers and I exchange gifts in the office. I received this last year.

My very own bowl for yarn! The other two ladies that I work with laughed when I had it partially opened and asked if it was a yarn bowl. Ha ha ha what do you do with a yarn bowl? Do you put your yarn in it? Ha ha? They thought they had misheard what I said. Apparently everything I say sounds like yarn this, yarn that. Well actually I do sound like it a lot of the time.

They had no idea why anyone would want a yarn bowl. Dude, you put your yarn in there! Then you string your yarn through the hole and you knit away without your yarn getting all tangly. It is beautiful and great because I could never buy one. That would cut into my actual yarn budget. You know that is how my husband refers to savings and bonuses in our house now, $20, that is a skein of yarn for you, $100, you could buy a lot of yarn with that....Is it enough for a sweater?

He is planning a business trip this summer and asked me if I could find out if there are any yarn shops in the area he will be staying. The answer was yes (insert excited giggle here.) I asked what yarn would he ask for? Uhm, point me to the $20 skeins? That should get me to your area of the store right? I was going to advise him to ask for sock yarn as you can rarely go wrong with sock yarn for me but then I thought maybe I would get lucky and get a bit of cashmere instead? Or ooh cashmere sock yarn? Nah that runs closer to the $30/skein mark.

Next week's yarn buying prep question....What are my preferred colors? Anyone want to guess on that one?


  1. I saw a lot of those yarn bowls a couple of weeks ago and thought about buying one, but it's so cool that others thought of getting it for you instead! What a thoughtful gift!

    I've never had anyone buy me yarn before, either. Lucky you!

  2. Having someone buy you yarn is a bit like having someone buy you clothes, it can be great or it can be one of those moments you talk about forever.