Friday, July 22, 2011

Glossing over things?

So here is the deal today, I finished by socks the other day and wore them to work so I could take pictures and post them as my FO (finished object) Friday post. 

The plan went ahead as it should till I got inside and looked at my photos. (I'm still not happy with them.) While I don't think they are 'bad' pictures I don't think they show off the sock very well. So I decided to take different pictures, but it is so very hot outside and we planned on going to a friend's house to watch the Tour of France. I did not have it in me.

Today I decided that it was better to get something done rather than obsess over it and then never do it. So I give you my green gloss socks.

They are made from Knitpicks Gloss fingering weight yarn in the Jade colorway. This yarn is a merino wool and silk blend. I've never worked with it before and I found it quite a pleasure for me to knit. It is a plump springy yarn, that made a slightly thicker sock than I expected. I like plump thick socks so I was very happy with the feel of these. I must admit I was so happy I wore them without washing them first.

A nice plain sock almost a boot sock. I was thinking of using this yarn to make knee highs and wanted time to test it out, see how it would wear. I was a bit worried since the Knitpicks website does not list this as a sock yarn. Why not? It is the same weight as many sock yarns come in? Hmm I wonder? Nothing ventured nothing gained.

Do you see the color change where the wear is? Do you think it has something to do with the silk?

Here's a different view. I can see on the top sock that I wore it on my right foot because that light line is where it rubbed against my big toe nail.

So do you think the color change wear spots will change once these are washed? I mean it is not bad, they're socks, I don't expect them to look like I've never worn them. I really wonder how they are going to hold up for me. Good thing I enjoyed knitting them so much if they wear out too quickly I will have enjoyed the knitting.


  1. I suspect that the colour change is because silk tends not to absorb dye as well as other fibres. The wear spots will likely stay as they are (they'll probably darken a bit after washing), and you might get a slightly heathered look, but I don't think it would totally change the overall look of the sock. That's probably why they don't list it as a sock yarn - they don't expect that much wear on this yarn. Still, silk and wool socks? Heavenly!

  2. I thought the silk had something to do with it. It makes sense that silk and wool hold the dye differently, thanks for reminding me. :)
    They were quite Heavenly. Everything about them was Heavenly except that one little thing. I plan on enjoying them all I can before they wear out.

  3. Oh and for the record, Adriene you're right about them darkening again after washing.