Friday, June 24, 2011

Wavy Socks

Well here it is Friday and I really do have a finished object for Finished Object Friday. I finished my Wavy Cables Socks last Saturday at knitting group. It is a good thing these knit up so quickly because I think I knit top down to the gusset four times with these, on three needle sizes. 

I realize they are just a tad large on me but there was no way either of the first two iterations was going to work with my feet. Cables are less stretchy than plain stockinette knitting so I tried something new and it seemed to work well for me. I knit a longer heel flap than I normally would, it gave just enough room to get the sock over my heel.  I am planning to do this anytime I have a less stretchy fabric. Now I've forgotten where I learned that so I can't give anyone credit for the idea, all I can say is thank you intelligent knitter!

These are out of Blue Moon - Socks That Rock medium weight yarn. In a colorway that I bought partly because of the name, Spy Say Guacamolay. With a name like that what is not to love, especially when the color is reddish brown and avocado green. I was lucky enough to pick up the yarn on my Portland Oregon trip last summer. The pattern is in Knitter's Book of Yarn or KB of Wool, one of the two. Really you should own both according to my buying habits.

Yes I am a little in love with the way these socks came out! I make cables and I feel like a real knitter too.


  1. Those are some IMPRESSIVE socks! Nice job! I love the Knitter's Book of Yarn... it was a fantastic addition to my home library!

  2. Thank You!
    And I must admit Knitter's book of .......... gets my attention. I'm looking forward to the KB of Socks in the fall.

  3. Love love love. Didn't realize you fished them at knitting.

  4. @kisknit You did not realize that because you were the host and far too busy making sure all of us had what we needed.