Sunday, June 12, 2011

Road trip day one

D and I took a bit of a road trip to North Carolina to attend a wedding. We thought about flying and we thought about taking the train. It would have been our first train trip and I was pushing hard for that option till I found out driving would actually take less time. Well theoretically it would, I talked him into splitting the trip into two parts and only driving six to seven hours a day. Yes I know I am a wimp and I am ok with it.

Roughly halfway turned out to be Hagerstown Maryland. I was sold on the idea once I found out Antietam battlefield was a short distance away. But more on that another day, I want to do the place justice and encourage as many people to go as I can.

You know I am a vacation research freak right? I really like to look into things and plan them out. I also like to occasionally try new things. I found a KOA that rented wee cabins! For half the price of a moderate hotel room too. It had electricity, wi-fi and air conditioning. With temperatures in the 90s we had no idea A/C would be so important. We did have to walk to the bathrooms but I choose to think of that as exercise.

We had to supply our own linens but what is a road trip without a couple of sleeping bags, a bar of soap and some towels? Not too much luggage, we did veer off on our own course by bringing our tea basket (kettle, pot, strainer, cups and teaspoon.) Ah tasty tea we cannot go far without you.

Isn't just as cute as the dickens?

Inside were built in twin bunk beds and a large adult bed. Hubby is modeling the big bed in this shot. Well sort of.

They had a pool that D took advantage of right away. I even had to take a tootsies only dip. I'm not much of a pool person but with temps that high even I can be coaxed in.

Then I sat in the shade poolside and pulled out some knitting and made some hard decisions. 

To frog or not to frog, that is the question. Whether the yarn tis nobler than the foot it should encase? That is the question.

Yep that pretty much sums it all up there. Rip it Rip it.

I've finished one of these socks now and can confirm that it fits over my heel. I'll show you that one another day too.

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