Monday, June 20, 2011

Not all knitting

I've been told that Memorial Day weekend, usually the last weekend in May, is the time to plant in NY. Well the last couple of years I've missed that date, and the weekends after it too. So the last couple of years our tomatoes have been from the store. Yes, I know I am hanging my farmer's daughter head in shame. Life sometimes it moves way too quickly for me.

This year we were in NC so I knew I would miss it yet again. I hoped I would go get some plants the weekend after we got back but nope that did not happen. 

Luckily we decided to go to the farmer's market the weekend after that and we found tomato plants! They were even good sized and healthy looking, yay. We dug up the grass and put in tomatoes.

We bought four different kinds and brought them home to plant while it was misting. Now I love trying different kinds and D just wanted some tomatoes so he let me choose. We have...well shoot now I forgot. There's an Amish one, a purple one, Sweet 100s and another one. I'll have to look again next time I'm out there. We plant them sideways to give them more of a root base.

Look what a difference a week makes.

The all figured out which way was up and started growing. D is so enthused he has been researching how to grow tomatoes and has a couple of sites bookmarked. He's taking out his water bottles to make sure they get the recommended water amount. He's looking into pest control. That reminds me I need to buy some cheep beer to control the slug situation.

I asked him the other day if he was talking to them to make them grow more, but he said he was not. I guess that is better than telling them to grow faster so he can eat their babies. Yikes that would sound scary to a plant!


  1. Purple ones! How cool! I've never seen purple tomatoes before. And I like the way you are staking them. Can't wait to see how they grow!

  2. You know I will take pictures of the purple ones just for you. That is assuming I get home before D and can take pictures before they get eaten!