Friday, June 3, 2011

New Socks

I know surprise Yarnkettle knit some socks, newsflash! And I finally have an entry and photo for finished object Friday.

These were knit from Fiber Optic yarn that I got at Rhinebeck last October. The colorway is named Midnight, or as I like to think of them as my Black and Blue socks. They are my standard 80 stitches around plain stockinette socks. These seem just a bit baggy in the leg but I would rather have that than socks I can not get on my little 2X4 feet. Slight bagginess does not bother me since they stay on my foot perfectly except for one pair of shoes that I'm planning to get rid of. Somehow those shoes pull the socks down till the heel is bunched up under my heel. And since my feet hurt in the shoes it is time for them to go.

The Fiber Optic booth at Rhinebeck stopped me in my tracks last year with all its amazing colors. I was looking for new yarns to try and boy did I find them. I bought another blue skein called Ink and let D choose between the two.

You've already seen these here once before.

He picked the darker color and I got the more electric blue. I would say that we are both happy but when I showed him my socks he got all hopeful and said "Are those for me?" Nice try bub! I already have that other blue pair on the needles for you. And I know he will love them too. He has started calling all my hand knit socks his running socks.

So that is the tale of my two blue Fiber Optic yarns, one for big feet and one for not big feet. Now I have a skein of Cashmere blend still to play with. What do you think my first cashmere socks or some lovely hand warmers for this winter?

Choices, Choices.

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  1. Handwarmers seem nice to me... but it'd be neat to find out how nice cashmere socks are!