Monday, September 13, 2010

Oregon Coast

We drove out to the coast on the third day of our Oregon vacation. After much searching during the planning stage of the trip I decided on Newport Oregon. I was looking for a town right on the coast but not too touristy. Newport seemed to fit the bill plus it is home to Rouge Brewery. More on Rouge later.

D relaxing after our drive to the coast.

We stayed in the Tyee Lodge. I wanted to stay right on the beach for my beach loving husband. They also had a lovely beverage bar and cookies in the evening.

Out our window 

Out our window to the right

So all you can see in the above photos (taken out our window) are the trees but the ocean is right out there.

It was about a three hour drive out there and I think both of us were ready to be out of the city. I so could not live in a city. We had dinner in a little diner, which is always fun to see. Neither one of us packed jackets as it was in the 90s when we left NY, and Portland was in the 80s. So we had a little detour into a local shop to buy his and hers Columbia polar fleeces. And bonus for me they were on sale! I love a good sale! Newport was in the 50s and 60s when we arrived. We wandered down to the beach to enjoy it.

Newport in the distance

Happy to be where there are less people

Newport with a spin

OK so we got a wee bit goofy playing with the camera. We went back up to our room and enjoyed some Merlot from a mug. The cookies were well earned also.

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