Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wrestling Alpaca

Yes some days it feels like that when you're knitting along and you find a mistake. I looked like the worlds slowest knitter tonight while I was waiting for my Chinese food. I was tinking (unknitting stitch by stitch) my shawl.

I was on a roll last night. I even remembered to weigh the yarn before and after a pattern repeat so I will know when to stop and still have enough yarn to bind off (I think). I am close to the end of my shawl and things were going along swimmingly, then I hit the end of the first half of a pattern row and I have 2 extra stitches. I count back twice making sure I have knit all the stitches correctly. Twice I see no problem. So I figure oh what the heck I will sneak in another unauthorized knit 2 together what can it hurt? I finish that row and merrily go off to bed.

I must have had some weird dreams because the guilt started to get to me this morning. I started wondering how I threw off the pattern by letting the mistake remain. And how it would suck to know when I bound off that it would be wrong forever....forever....forever. (Yes it did echo in my head like that.)

I am really digging my shawl and did it really matter if I was done today or done this weekend? Didn't it really matter most that it looked right? I mean I know the weather is getting colder but we are not talking life or death.

So today I started tinking (knit backwards). I already feel a bit better, hopefully I will be able to shift from R to D again shortly

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