Sunday, July 25, 2010

A hike in the hills

My South Dakota memory socks are finished. They look a bit washed out here but trust me they are beautiful, unless you ask my husband. He admitted to me that he thinks they are ugly. I forgive him since he is entitled to his own opinion. This is the same man that wished they made Grr-animals for adults when he got out of the Navy. He was having a tough time matching his own clothes. I must admit I thought green and brown are great manly colors. Good to know before I make him any more socks.

This is Castle Fibers "Black Hills Hike" sock yarn that is 90% superwash wool/10% nylon. I do think it is funny because she told me that the dying increments are short so the yarn will not pool or flash. No offense lady, but I know how to make a yarn pool. In this case I absolutely adore the way they did it. It reminds me of how the colors come together in the Hills.

I bought this yarn on a trip home to see my nephew graduate from the same high school I graduated from. We were delayed an extra day due to a plains thunderstorm rolling through around the time our flight was to leave. Well we were actually waiting for the plane to get in then take off with us. We decided it is better to stay where there is family (free room and board) than to get caught in another town at midnight trying to order pizza to a hotel room. Yeah that happened to us once also. So lucky me took Mom to the yarn store in town and had a lovely time.

I have a great pair of socks that remind me of home. I took them out for their inaugural outing to tea with a friend yesterday. I guess we had not seen each other in a while as we talked for 4 hours and closed down the tea shop. We did not even get to talk about books. Now we will just have to do it again.

Here is my socks in the wild shot. I am thinking this is my new sock shot. Boy is it going to be difficult to take in the winter.

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  1. They look kind of green and red in the photo, which isn't too bad....reminds me of the holidays. Just tell D to be happy that you're making him comfy socks and not to think about the color. ;-)