Monday, July 12, 2010

Yep that time of year again

Time to support the Hubby, who in turn is supporting MS research. Time for the Follow the Foothills Bike MS ride. Here he is fueling up for 62.5 miles of endurance.

I call that his military smile. Don't get the wrong idea he was really excited just nervous how the day would go. Last year there were some hills that kicked butt, not just his as a new rider either.

We missed the count down and official send off but that was Ok.

Even from a distance he is cute isn't he?

We had been having a heat wave here that stifled the thought of doing anything outside. This day was better and worse than the ones that came before. Better because it was cooler but worse because the rain is what brought the coolness. D was worried about doing some of the hills wet this year. They would have been very slick. Luckily the route was changed to remove some of the hills.

I had a wee bit of a fruitless adventure myself. I tried to meet D at one of the rest stops but he always seemed to be just out of reach. I found the first one as he texted me that he was at the second one. I got short cut directions to that one but arrived to find no D. I chatted up a man that had the same color number on his back as I had pinned to D that morning. The colors indicated what mil age they were riding. The rest stop I was trying to get to was at 28 miles. I was at the 50 mile rest stop.

I attempted to reverse engineer the route but there were not enough signs or riders for me to be successful. I got frustrated and returned to the start/finish before I got myself totally lost.

I waited a bit and just as I was getting out of the car to walk to the road I saw this.

He looks good for having just finished that long of a ride. He looks very happy, even though the temperature rose as soon as the rain dried up.

So Betty, here is another ride dedicated to you. I hope they find a cure soon.

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